In “Ten Questions With…” we get to know digital professionals from the Cleveland area and beyond, as they share their insights about the industry and more. Below, Nolan Andersky, Content Manager at ShurTech Brands, talks about everything from the challenges of measuring digital success to his go-to Cleveland restaurants. Nolan will be delivering his presentation, “Building Consistency and Efficiency in your Content Strategy,” at a Web Association event on Thursday Feb. 25, 2016. 

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Nolan Andersky Interview

Web Association: What’s are some of the first things you do at work in the morning to set the tone for an efficient day?

Nolan Andersky: Open my calendar to see what obligations and meetings I have ahead (usually I do this when I get out of bed from my phone, but that time between waking up and getting to work can be a bit hazy before any amount of energy kicks in).

Look at OneNote, this is where I have details about every project I’m working on. Most importantly I look at the deadlines that are coming up to ensure I’m on task to meet those.

I subscribe to several e-newsletters and blogs, most of them send daily updates, or a daily blast so I skim those to see if there’s anything worthwhile to dive further into. 9 times out of 10, there is.

WA: What are one or two websites, blogs, magazines, podcasts etc. that you frequently consume to learn about digital strategy news and trends?

NA: AdWeek – they have several versions depending on the topic you’re interested in.
Content Marketing Institute

WA: What social media do you use?

NA: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, LinkedIn

WA: Can you share a little more about your role at Shurtech and what you enjoy most about it?

NA: As the Content Manger I’m responsible for all aspects of our e-commerce facing content. From imagery to product information and everything in between. I work with our key retailers on implementing social and digital marketing plans in order to increase engagement with our consumers and our brands, as well as help bring attention to their social platforms as well.

What I love most is that every day is different. And the forward thinking is fun, whatever you see on one of our retailer’s social channels with our brand didn’t happen today. We’ve been strategizing and planning that for months.

WA: What are some of your own content marketing examples that you’re proudest of?

NA: Glidden Thanksgiving Survival Guide – this is from when I worked at PPG we created an online survival guide for the Thanksgiving holiday. From crafts to seating charts it was a light, fun, and engaging piece of content that nearly anyone can relate to. Our brand was not the focus, the engagement was. And the metrics showed!

Amazon product pages for T-Rex Tape – how do you get someone to buy a tape they’ve never heard of, and know nothing about? That was our challenge. We created content that was relevant yet extremely informative. We needed to capture the customer, but not trap them.

WA: How has digital strategy and marketing changed, at least as it relates to your work, since you began your career? Are there changes that haven’t occurred that you’d like to see in the coming years?

NA: One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed has been in the social space. When social media first became prevalent, every brand felt they needed to play in every channel. Often times they inundated and frustrated consumers, and lost engagement. I think now many brands have shifted to playing in spaces that work for them and focusing on those. Spending less and spending with more focus has helped brands truly capture the audience they need and want to increase engagement and awareness.

Well one change that would be great would be consumers only posting positive reviews on social media…but since that’s likely not possible, I think a digital marketing change that I’d like to see more brands doing is consistency across the board. I think content is too disjointed, and doesn’t allow consumers to fully connect to a brand.

WA: Companies seem to be most challenged by measuring content marketing performance and ROI. How do you approach measuring success when it comes to content marketing?

NA: This is tough. I’ve always worked at organizations where content marketing is a “new” concept, so I’ve always been faced with the upward challenges of convincing leadership that content marketing and digital/social marketing actually works. I always utilize the overall impression approach. A social post or a good piece of content doesn’t always result in immediately spikes in sales. Not to mention the product categories I’ve worked in aren’t immediate turnarounds. For example, if you see a great piece of content from Glidden, doesn’t mean you’re going to run to Home Depot, buy a few gallons of paint, and redo your living room. However, we want to be the brand in mind when you decide to paint 3 months from now. Have we made a good enough connection and engaged with you enough so when you are at Home Depot in the paint aisle, you have brand recognition and recollection with Glidden, and ultimately purchase our product.

WA: What’s one digital-marketing related skill you hope to learn or improve upon in the next 12 months?

NA: SEO. This is an untapped part of roles I’ve had, and it’s always been handled by agencies or other teams in my career. I don’t want to be an SEO manager, but I want to have the skills to talk SEO, strategize about SEO, and have a bigger impact on it in my roles.

WA: What’s one life skill, hobby or goal you hope to learn or accomplish in the next 12 months?

NA: Cooking. I’ve recently started trying to cook, and be more healthy in my cooking. I’m really good at lean cuisine and salads…but I want to get better at cooking! I’m hoping to take some classes, and learn from some family/friends, but I’d like to be better at cooking!

WA: What’s your favorite restaurant and meal to eat in the Cleveland area?

NA: This is tough, I think Cleveland has an absolutely amazing food scene, so it’ll be tough to narrow this down. I love Barrio all the time, doesn’t matter the location or time of day, they’re always a favorite. But if I had to pick my favorite meal, it’s probably the lamb chops at Johnny’s downtown.