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The Web Association is comprised of over 500 internet marketing, design and development professionals located throughout Northeast Ohio. Although we do not have formal membership, we would love to have you involved in our growing group. You can join our email list to learn about our ongoing events and activities, or if you are ready for more, join a committee and help us expand.

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To make the Web Association events and activities the best they can be, a lot of work happens behind the scenes each month in preparation for the big event. Web Association committees do much of this preparation work, from updating the website to promoting the event. We’d love your help on the a committee. If you are interested, please contact the any board member and they will let you know when the committee meets and what specific skills or assistance is needed.

Marketing and Public Relations

The marketing and PR committee oversee all the promotion of Web Association events outside of This includes submissions to community calendars, communicating with the press, promoting the event on social media and many other channels. If you are able to help us get the word out to the community about our tremendous speakers and panels, please contact any board member.

Interactive Design and Development Awards

The awards committee is new for 2015 and will be planning and executing the new Web Association awards program. Committee members will help collect and organize submissions, coordinate judging and put on the awards program at the end of the year. To join this exciting committee, contact any board member now and help us make this the best awards program in Cleveland.


The website committee was established to plan and guide the newly redesigned website in partnership with WRIS, our development partner. But as we all know, a website is never finished. The website committee both maintains the current site content and brainstorms new features that could be added to the site to improve functionality. If you would like to help with site updates and/or participate in quarterly brainstorming, please contact any board member.